Great Activities In The Files Area Of Sindhi-Engineers Group

Assalam O Alaikum All,
Hope that everyone will be allright.
Mr. Abdul Aziz Umrani is doing a great job by downloading the Holy
Quran Majeed with Sindhi Translation and sending to some friends in
their email inbox, surah by surah after converting into PDF format.
Congratulations to him.
I have uploaded the Sindhi Translation of Quran Majeed Surahs as i
recieved from Mr. Abdul Aziz to the Files of Sindhi-Engineers Group
for ready reference of all members(Alhamd o lillah 10 surahs have
been uploaded). i will upload more as i recieve more files inshallah.
May Allah give Jaza e Khair to Mr. Umrani for this, Aameen.
One more thing…
I have uploaded the English version of Shah Abdul lateef Bhittai R.A
jo Risalo written by Elsa Qazi, all poetry in english.
thats it for now.

Please dont forget friends and brothers when you raise hands for Dua.

take care,

Ali Azhar Moosani


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