Mr. Rizwan Ahmed Ansari Thanked For His Contribution


hope that everyone of you is ok.

thanks to dear & respectable Mr. Rizwan Ahmed Ansari who gave many
useful suggestions for improvement of our Group, including putting web
links of various employing companies of professional engineers in KSA,
Dubai, elsewhere.

second suggestion was to keep some information about Places of
Interest (to visit) in KSA and other countries where our members are
working. as a practical example he created a PHOTO ALBUM named SAUDI
ARABIA, now it contains many photos but all of Makkah & Madina
Munawara, so come on other members please post some more pictures of
interesting places you know.

now there are some links of employer companies of engineers in KSA,
Dubai and Pakistan on our Group, so check out, and post some more that
you may know.
thanks all, keep on contributing to Sindhi-Engineers with your views
and suggestions.


ali azhar moosani


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