A Historic Document Declaring Sindhi As The Official Langauge Of Sindh (29 August 1857)

Sindhi was Official Language in last century but now …?

By Farhan Soomro

On 29th August 1857, Sindhi language was declared as National & official Language by the then British Government

Let us reclaim the right of Sindhi language as the National & official language & pledge to make the government obligatory to promulgate Sindhi Language compulsory in dealing state affairs.



A Historic Document Declaring Sindhi as the Official Language of Sindh (29 August 1857)

Forwarded to Sindhi lists by Khalid Hashmani (McLean, Virginia, USA)


Scanned copy of notification by British Government that Sindhi will be the state language in Sindh. It reads:‘If some body thinks necessary to write any petition to the government in Persian than Sindhi Translation of the same content will be necessary along with original petition in persian. The notification was issued on August 2957 by the then Commissioner of Sindh Sir Boll Frere in Thatta.’ , 29th August, 18 57


The copy of this notification is provided by  Yousuf Sindhi, Secretary General Sindhi Adabi Sangat and sending all of you for your knowledge.


The objective of sending this to all of you is to emphasis the need to remind and keep reminding to the government for taking notice and stop marginalization of Sindhi and other national languages since independence.


Sindhi remained state language since 1857 and still in Sindh but government specially non elected and dictatorial governments have consciously marginalized Sindhi In Sindh. 

Adam Malik 


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