Amar Jalil’s English book

Amar Jalil’s English book

KARACHI: “Love, Longing and Death,” an anthology of English short stories by popular Sindhi fiction writer Amar Jalil has recently been published in New Delhi (India) by Bibliophile South Asia publication house.

The book contains around 20 short stories mostly revolving around the pangs of the partition and mystic musings. Nine of them have already been published in abridged from in Amar Jalil’s weekly columns Mystic Notes published in daily Dawn.

The writer has 11 collections of short stories and one novel in Sindhi language to his credit.


One thought on “Amar Jalil’s English book

  1. To whom you will wake up. To whom you will aware. We all are in deep slumber of dormancy since Makhdoom Bilawal was executed by crushing him under a wooden oil expeller. Despite your thousands repeated proclamations about the sufferings of downtrodden section of common people shocked the sensibilities of only a few who are tossed about, racked or agitated by pain, grief and feelings of anger. It is your sincerity, attachment, allegiance, devotion, faith, perseverance and resolution with your objective that in every predicament situation you changelessly and resolvedly wrote for the betterment of oppressed class of society. No words for the appreciation and compliment for your commitment and courage. Only courtesy regards.

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