Shah Abdul Lateef Bhittai R.A











The One Creator, the all greats;

Lord of the universe

The living, the original;

Ruler with power innate;

The giver, the sustainer,

the unique , compassionate;

This master praise, to Him alone

thyself in praise prostrate..

The generous, who does create

the universe in pairs..


None shares His glory, “He,

shall be”..who this doth say

Accepts Mohammad as ‘guide’

with heart and love’s true sway;

None from amongst those lost their way

or ever went astray.


“He is without a partner” , when

this glorious news you break

With love and knowledge, Mohammad

accept cause him take

Why would you then obeisance make

to others after that?


From One, many to being came;

‘many’ but Oneness is;

Don’t get confounded, Reality

is ‘One’ , this truth don’t miss

Commotions vast display – all this

I vow, of Loved-one is.


The Echo and the call are same,

if you sound’s secret knew

They both were one, but two became

only when ‘hearing’ came.


A thousand doors and windows too,

the palace has ..but see,

Wherever I might go or be

master confronts me there


If you have learnt to long, by pain

be not distressed-

Secret of love’s sorrow must be

never confessed-

Suffering is by the heart caressed,

and there it is preserved.


The poison-drinking lovers, lured

by poison sweet, drink more and more;

To bitterness of fatal cup,

the poison-drinkers are inured,

Though wounds are festering, and uncured,

no whispers to the vulgar goes.


All from Beloved’s side is sweet

whatever He gives to you.

There is no bitter, if you knew

the secret how to taste.


There is a call to gallows, friends,

will any of you go!

Those who do talk of love may Know

to gallows they must speed.


If you a draught desire

to tavern find your way;

Thy head do sever, and that head

beside the barrel lay;

Only when you this price do pay

then few cups you may quaff.



The genuine lover, for his head

care and concern has none;

He cuts it off—joins it with breath

as gift then hands it on ;

Carves down to shoulders, form loved-one

then begs for love’s return.


 Jalalludin Roomi R.A

Jalaluddin Rumi was born in Tajikistan in A.D 12O7. He died in A.D 1273 and lies buried under a green dome along with his father . Jalaluddin Rumi was so highly respected that his funeral procession was followed by followers of all the other religions.


While he was young, his family shifted to Konya in western Turkey . His father was a learned scholar of religious studies . Upon his death ,he was succeeded by his son Jalaluddin Rumi who was only 24 at that time .

Jalaluddin Rumi was a great musician and dancer .He founded the ‘Whirling Derveshes,’ who would slowly go into a trance while praying and dancing to music .His music was of a very high order . and was always accompanied by flute , drums and singing .

There were three stages : Knowing God , seeing God and being one with him

He was greatly influenced by Shamsuddin , a wandering Dervesh who guided him to mystism but who was hated by the disiples of Jalaluddin. He disappeared mysteriosly . Jalaluddin made no distinction between religions.

His entire poetry was based on absolute love for God and union with the infinite . His writings today are a rage throughout the world and in places like America, even after 7OO years . His writings called Masnavi teach Sufiism with stories. It has been translated into many languages of the world.



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